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Master of Science in Design and Engineering of Convergent Networks


Ali, Iranian, postgraduate student at Telecom Bretagne

“Job opportunities become better with time as we become more experienced but our learning performance is not always the same”. With this idea in mind, I decided to give up my job and start the MSc program in Telecom Bretagne. I graduated in electrical engineering from the IUST university in Iran and the Msc programme in  communication networks (DECN) was a great opportunity for me to get acquainted with the world of IT and Networking. The Msc programme has a high educational level and is enriched with several workshop and projects. Besides, the professors who have an excellent academic level, we had several courses with professional staff of some of well-known telecommunication companies which was a unique idea to give a practical view to the students.

Being in Telecom Bretagne was the best experience of my life. Meeting people from allover the world and sharing their culture was very interesting for me. The atmosphere of Telecom Bretagne is so warm and friendly that I never felt lonely. Especially during the second year of the programme I made a lot of life-long friends. We traveled together and we have lots of good memories that will stay for ever in my mind.

Before going to France I could not speak a word of French but the the first semester that was taught in English and the French courses provided by Telecom Bretagne made it possible for me to be integrated in the new environment. Right now I can easily speak and understand French and I use it in my everyday life. Choosing Telecom Bretagne was absolutely a turning point which opened the way for more and more progress in my life.

Master of Engineering via the CampusFrance n+i programme

Dev, Indian, graduated 2004
French Government Eiffel scholarship holder

works with Conexant, New Delhi, India



A lot of people have had this curiosity to know about my reasons to have chosen France for my higher studies. Two reasons come to my mind! One was a pure fascination to explore the country that gave the most beautiful word to mankind "Liberté"! Other was more co-incidental! My previous school, IIT Delhi has a lot of exchange programs running with a lot of international schools including French schools like INSA Lyon etc. I had a chance to meet two exchange students from France, among them a girl who took a course on Probability with me. She could always be seen struggling, with an English-French dictionary in hand and desperately trying to translate whatever was going on in the classroom. I was really fascinated by her courage, and decided to take the same challenge myself!
Need I say I learnt to say "Bonjour" after arriving in France itself and yet managed to successfully complete a 2-year stint at Telecom Bretagne. A lot of credit for my success goes to the excellent team of teachers we've got there along with a very healthy campus life that offers a chance to interact with people from most diverse cultures. Now I have friends from places like Morocco and China and Spain and Venezuela and Germany and Australia! I even had a chance to enjoy a French wedding (my first Christian/ French wedding experience!).
Being from India, I have to admit that one of the things I missed the most (apart from good food!) was the game of Cricket! Fortunately I developed a greater interest in football during my stay in Europe. I guess that epitomises my experiences at ENSTB! I gained an interest in lot of new things and have lots of wonderful memories to reflect upon!

Master of Engineering with one year in industry

Jiao Jiao, Chinese, graduated 2006
works with a telecoms company in Paris

     Jiaojiao                              Chinese version

ni hao

I came to Telecom Bretagne to continue my studies through the Paristech project. During the two years and half years I spent at Telecom Bretagne, my harvest was quite abundant. In the aspect of language and cultural exchange, because almost all of the students live on the campus, this provides a big advantage in enhancing language training and cultural exchange. In its study and employment aspects, the school provides many kinds of opportunities for the students. Because of the good reputation of the school particularly in the field of telecommunications, the Telecom Bretagne student has many opportunities to go abroad to perform further study or to undertake an internship. For instance, between the second year and third year, we may do a one -year internship, or a six month- internship before graduating in the third year. Many foreign students have started their professional life without any difficulties. Again, for the third year, the student may choose to study abroad as the final year to get a dual degree. Because of my being in France, I chose a one year- internship, which played a decisive role afterwards in my employment. In short, my life trajectory has been changed by my school experience. If you want to accumulate the true international experience, Telecom Bretagne absolutely is a good choice

Master of Engineering via the CampusFrance n+i programme and PhD

Gábor, Hungarian, graduated 2003
PhD in Computer Science at Telecom Bretagne, 2008



After four years of University studies in Hungary, I spent two years at Telecom Bretagne as an n+i student. Living in a foreign country is always a mind-opening experience; this was also my case, and I still marvel at how much I learned not only about France and the French way of living but about the whole world just by meeting people of so many different origins. The international spirit at Telecom Bretagne has of course largely contributed to this.
However, looking back, I find great advantages in participating in a two-year programme as opposed to a shorter stay abroad: apart from the double degree, there is more time to explore the country, the people, the language, and even one's professional projects. In my case, it is thanks to the personal contacts I developed with my professors (such contacts are much more natural here than in big universities) that I was offered a place to study for a doctorate just after graduating, still at Telecom Bretagne. It is funny how I had never before thought I would do a PhD, and here I am already finishing it, perfectly happy with my choice. There is one thing common for everyone who decides to study abroad: to expect the unexpected!

Master of Engineering via the CampusFrance n+i programme

Wenxuan, Chinese, graduated 2003
Ph.D in Computer Science at IRISA, France, 2008

     Wenxuan                     Chinese version

ni hao

After graduating in China, I worked in a bank in the field of computing. By chance, I heard about the “n+i” Network, which persuaded me to apply for a place at Telecom Bretagne. At that time, I was worried about my level in French, a language I knew nothing about. But Telecom Bretagne helped the foreign students, especially in language training, and in two years, I had made spectacular progress both in telecommunications and in modern languages. In 2008, I obtained a Ph.D with IRISA (a major Computer Research Centre in France) and TELSIMA, a French company. The two years I spent at Telecom Bretagne were extremely beneficial for me.

Erasmus programme and dual-degree programme

Ingrid, Spanish, graduated 2006
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

     Ingrid                         Spanish version

Hola a tots! (Hi everyone!)

If I had to describe the time I spent at Telecom Bretagne, it’s really very easy: it was the best experience of my life. I really cannot imagine how I could have got any more out of my period as an ERASMUS student, since Telecom Bretagne offers us the perfect environment.

A rich, academic experience
On arriving, one of the things which surprised me most was the personalized care given to all the international students by every teacher in the college. This is something I was not accustomed to, and is due to the individual attention afforded to everyone.

A rich, linguistic experience
When I arrived in France, I could hardly speak a word of French. Thanks to the French courses provided by Telecom Bretagne, plus the context which I was immersed in, I now speak French very naturally, feeling as much at home with French as I do with my mother tongues, Catalan and Spanish.
However, I cannot just limit myself to French, since Telecom Bretagne’s Language Dept offers a whole range of other languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and German … among others.

A rich, cultural environment
There are students from more than 50 nations represented on Telecom Bretagne’s campuses. I would love to explain how much this experience brought to me, but it is impossible in so few lines. For example, I could never have imagined how much the Lebanese and the Spanish have in common, how open and amusing Polish people are, or how our Breton friends are so kind and engaging.

A rich quality of life
Brittany is a marvelous environment and has incredible natural beauty. The campus is right in the middle of this region. We should add that, wherever you look you can see fields, with a beach just two minutes’ walk away, with sports facilities thirty seconds’ walk away from your room. You can do things like sailing, surfing, horse-riding, climbing, rugby, tennis, badminton, basketball, football … Do you see what I mean?

I could spend another three hours describing Telecom Bretagne to you. The year and a half I spent there not only brought me a second, academic degree, but helped me to develop personally, to learn, to enjoy myself and to mature as a person.

I should like to end by encouraging all students to live what I have lived through, which means nothing less than falling in love with the region, its people and Telecom Bretagne.

Erasmus programme

Vicente, Spanish, student exchange programme 2000/2001
graduated 2002 (Politechnique University of Valencia, Spain)
works with the European Patent Office in the Netherlands

     Vicente                           Spanish version


The Erasmus program allowed me to attend to one year at Telecom Bretagne. There I started to "discover" the world outside my country’s borders and I met an important group of people sharing my technologic concerns and being ready to involve me in a working team.
As soon as I arrived, I realized that there were more than one nationality in that school, in fact the level of interculturality made me feel more comfortable, improve my language skills and meet some of my best friends that nowadays are spread all over the world (USA, Australia, South Korea, Europe). It is nice to think that our friendship started in a school of telecommunication (it comes from a Greek word that means "distant communication") and that our communication is fluent due to what and where we studied.

Master of Engineering (dual degree)

Jesper, Swedish, Uppsala University, graduated 2002
works as an IT consultant with Strand Interconnect, Sweden 

     Jesper                              Swedish version


At the end of my Swedish engineering studies, I spent a year at Telecom Bretagne, which was a very valuable experience. The school has a high standard of both students and teachers, and the educational environment is excellent.
One of the things that impressed me most with Telecom Bretagne was how much effort it puts into creating an international atmosphere. Learning foreign languages at the school is strongly encouraged, for French and foreign students alike. Naturally, a year at the school gave a deep immersion in the French culture, but the international ambience also gave me numerous opportunities to get to know people from all over the world, many of whom I still keep in touch with.
The high standard of education at Telecom Bretagne has been a constant advantage for me since I graduated. Many things I learnt at ENST have come to great use in my professional career. At the end of my studies, I received the double diploma, something which opens up many new opportunities for work all over Europe, as well as giving me an edge when looking for work at home as well.
Finally, although international experience is professionally valuable in many ways, I would like to stress the worth of such an experience at a personal level. Living in another culture, getting to know people from other countries, and learning foreign languages are profound pleasures, and my year at Telecom Bretagne was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Living outside your own country in such a welcoming and stimulating environment as Telecom Bretagne is a chance you should not miss.

Master of Engineering with one year abroad in industry

Simon, French, graduated 2001
one year in an Australian start-up company in Melbourne
works with a Network company in Australia



Basically, I did most of my studies in the South-West of France (Toulouse) where after some difficult years in the “classes preparatoires” I finally and gladly ended up in Brest at Telecom Bretagne.
The three years that I spent over there, were probably some of the most enjoyable I have had so far. So much sports and activities, but mainly Telecom Bretagne gave me an excellent engineering training and the opportunity to go and study overseas, in my case Australia.
I did a whole year in an Australian Startup called Virtual Photonics (the company was at that time Melbourne based) under the program “Jeune Ingenieur”.
After finishing my training I had to come back to France and finish my studies before flying back to Australia (Sydney this time). The reason I wanted so desperately to go back was that I had met a nice Aussie girl who would soon become my wife. After one year spent in Sydney we came back to France for 4 years (where we got married) and we are now back in Australia where I work as a network engineer in Melbourne.

Master of Engineering (dual degree)

Rémy, French, graduated 2006
Exchange programmes with our partners in Chile and at UCL in the UK
now with ARCEP (French authority for Telecom regulation) in Paris



Telecom Bretagne was a choice that I made at the end of my preparatory classes and that I have never regretted. This "Grande Ecole" allowed me to achieve all my educational goals. In this school, I developed engineering skills as well as managerial abilities.
Furthermore, Telecom Bretagne is focused on international activities and , during my studies, I performed two academic work- experience periods abroad. Indeed, in place of my semester 4 in France , I spent 6 months in Chile at the UTFSM (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria). Then for my third year I got an MSc (Master of Science degree) at UCL (University College - London) in the United Kingdom. At the same time, I graduated at Telecom Bretagne, thus acquiring a dual degree.

I also studied at Sciences Po, France's leading Political Science Institute in Paris, and my engineering background acquired at Telecom Bretagne was really appreciated during the admission interview. What I have learnt during these last 3 years will be useful during my entire career.

"Mastère Spécialisé"  in Computer Science Applied to Banking and Actuarial Decisions

Adnan, Pakistani, Graduated 2004
French Government / Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarship
works as Systems Integrator for Intel Corporation


Hi there,

I came to ENST Brittany through a French Embassy / Government scholarship in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Pakistan. Even though I have had all my earlier education in English, I went for my Masters in French because of my passion to learn French - one of the most beautiful languages of the world.
My early industry exposure of Information Technology helped me a lot during my studies at the ENST. My family and friends always asked me how did you manage to do it in FRENCH !!? and it is only one's determination to do it and never give up. No doubt ENST has all the facilities that a top class engineering school should have. The on-campus life is amazing and you get to meet people from countries throughout the world. I made a lot of forever friends and lifetime memories.
In a nut-shell, I would recommend ENST to anyone who wants to enjoy life while attaining top class higher education.

More information on our "Mastères Spécialisés" degrees  

Ph.D in Optics

Tatiana, Russian, graduated 2003
works with Perdyn, Brest

     Tatiana                              Russian version

After graduating from Kazan State University in Russia, I started my professional career in one of the biggest, Russian, scientific research centres. My first specialization was optical holography and diffractive optics. Some time later, I had the opportunity to start my Ph.D thesis at Telecom Bretagne. It was my first trip to France, my first experience, acquaintance with and immersion in a foreign culture.

After arriving in Brest, I very much appreciated the friendship, help and support of my colleagues (both teaching staff and post-graduate students) from the Optics Department, as well as from the administrative personnel. At every moment, at every step! And the beautiful scenery and sea-coast helped me to overcome my inevitable, initial homesickness!

My sketchy knowledge of the French language was no obstacle to entering into postgraduate studies. In Telecom Bretagne, there is the excellent system of French language education for foreign students. These courses and everyday contacts with your colleagues and friends can work wonders. Moreover, all postgraduate students can join in different sports, cultural and linguistic activities with students and members of the staff.

As for research, Telecom Bretagne has excellent laboratories, and all Ph.D students have access to an extensive scientific library and modern computer facilities.

Finally, I would like emphasize the very high professionalism of the Optics Department’s research fellows, their goodwill, availability and their readiness to help me through any difficult periods, despite their pressure of work. The years spent at Telecom Bretagne during my postgraduate studies will stay with me for ever as a happy memory of sincere friendship, professional development and successful scientific collaboration.

Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science and Mathematics

Daniel, Brazilian

     Daniel                Portuguese version

Olá todo mundo !

After 5 long years studying Electrical Engineering in Brazil, I entered the Brazilian work market, where I worked for 6 years as a specialist engineer in projects and telecommunications systems. However I wasn’t happy with myself. I felt that living abroad away from my country in a rich and different culture and even with the possibility of returning to study, could bring me fresh air and the experience that I had always wanted.

Therefore I started to search for a master in telecommunications. Fortunately I found the MSc offered by ENST-Bretagne where I decided to study Systems, Networks and Architectures. After applying for an Alban Scholarship and thanks to my personal determination and the support of many, here I am, finishing the first year of my MSc in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Concerning the life experience, culture and education that I acquired here in this first year, they were incomparable. Brest’s campus is charming and inspiring during happy hours or even in the moments of concentration and study. Professors and researchers that I was put in contact with were great. Besides being very well prepared and with a rich theoretical and professional background, they were also available to give advice and new subjects of research.

Several other people had been decisive during my adaptation phase. The whole team from Prof. Ian Simpson, in charge of the International Office and of course Prof. Didier Herve, the one in charge of the Master of Science programme. They were all very kind and attentive, whether it was solving administrative problems or even indicating where to go out during the Brest week-ends. Congratulations to all!

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