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Dr. Laurent Toutain, Associate Professor


     Laurent Toutain

Laurent Toutain is Associate Professor at Telecom Bretagne in the Network and Multimedia Department.
His main research topics are IPv6, high-speed networking and network metrology. His main focus in the IPv6 area is on the transition mechanism. He is co-author of the IPv4/IPv6 transition mechanism DSTM (Dual Stack Transition Mechanism). Laurent Toutain works on network auto-configuration with IPv6, especially for home networking environments. He has participated to the study of the impact of IPv6 in the ROHC (Robust Header Compression) protocol, which will be used in 3G networks to compress IPv6 headers. He is the author of several books on networking and editor of the O'Reilly book entitled "IPv6: Théorie et Pratique" (
He is a founding member of the G6 group, which regroups, since 1995, the French-speaking researchers on IPv6. He is a member of the IPv6 Task Force and he also participates in the organization of the ETSI plugtest on IPv6. He has given several tutorials on IPv6. Since 2005, he works in the promotion of IPv6 applications in the Point6 skill center located in Brittany. 


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