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Internship (last semester)

The last semester internship is part of the  MSc programme and is therefore compulsory. Its minimum duration is 4 months but most students chose to stay for 6 months.

Such an experience is essential for educational, professional and cultural reasons. Actually using new competencies in a new environment is a valuable asset for the future. Even for those who previously worked in a company in their country or abroad, doing such an internship following Telecom Bretagne's rules (project management, reporting, oral presentation etc.) bring students more confidence and open more job opportunities.

Recent exemples

TSE Programme

  • Home Network Modeling and Monitoring, Orange Labs, Rennes, France
  • Presales Network Engineering for Big Enterprises, Completel, Paris
  • Evaluation of Application Live Cycle Management Tools, Orange Labs, Lannion, France
  • Analysis of the Exposure of a Population in a  communication Network, Orange Labs, Paris (currently followed by a 3-year PhD)

DECN Programme

CSDS Programme

  • Software Testing Tools for Business Intelligence, SAP France, Paris
  • Fishing fleet assessment in Indonesia using high resolution satellite images, CLS, Brest (Indeso project).

ISPMC Programme

How to find an internship

The way to look for an internship is very similar to job seeking. In France, internships are compulsory for all master's programmes and companies offer many opportunities. Offers are available through Telecom Bretagne's internship service and directly on companies websites.

Specific workshops are organized for MSc students in order to write CVs and motivation letters following the format commonly used in Europe. Personal help for CV preparation is also available on request. This activity is part of the services on offer at Telecom Bretagne in the MSc programme framework.


Once a student has obtained a positive response for an internship, he/she must fill out a specific online form on Telecom Bretagne's system. Their MSc specialization coordinator will then check that the subject corresponds to the requirements of the programme. Once validated, an agreement has to be signed by the student, Telecom Bretagne representative and the company representative.


Many internship on offer are located in Paris which is a great opportunity to have a working and life experience in France's capital city. Many others opportunities are available in various cities such as Rennes or Nice for example.

Doing an internship abroad is also possible even though it might be a bit more difficult to find (due to the fact that internships are not very common in some countries). Nevertheless MSc students went to Germany, Ireland, Canada, Japan etc.


Note that in France, by law, internships must be paid (typically between 1,000 and 1,500 Euros per month). Furthermore, some companies pay for transportation (typically 50% of bus or subway fees) and/or for catering.


Some companies help students to find accommodation. When students have to stay in Paris where lodging is expensive and difficult to find, our partner Telecom ParisTech Halls of Residence can also rent rooms to Telecom Bretagne's students.

When in Rennes, students can stay at Telecom Bretagne's Halls of Residence even if their previous academic programme was fully given in Brest.


During the internship each student has a supervisor in the company and an academic adviser at Telecom Bretagne. Regular contacts have to be scheduled in order to make sure that the objectives are clear and that the assigned activities are respected.

Finally students have to write a report and defend their work at Telecom Bretagne (end of September or October). The jury consists of two professors at least and also includes the supervisor (by videoconference if relevant).

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