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Master of Engineering - Telecom Bretagne

The curriculum of the French Master of Engineering ("Diplôme d'Ingénieur", taught in French) from Telecom Bretagne allows the students to best express their skills and talents and to develop competences in line with their professional project.


Organisation in semesters

International students can adapt the curriculum to the academic requirements of their initial institution, and is more flexible for those students wishing to alternate classes with periods of professional  or international experience.

According to their profile and admission mode (see Education System), students have to validate either 6 or 4 semesters at Telecom Bretagne in order to obtain the Master of Engineering degree. Most International students are Bachelor holders and therefore study for 2 years only (see also Bridging Semester).

A "Semester in industry" programme is on offer and makes it possible for students to have a valuable experience between semesters 4 and 5.

Master of Engineering - Semesters

Semester 1

is a common-core semester (30 credits), offered only in the autumn. It is a transition and adaptation semester and provides for a broadening and deepening of scientific culture as well as acquisition of methods of learning particular to an engineering school. It includes lectures from the 5 modules (24 credits) and a project (6 credits) as well as language classes.

These five modules are :

  • The cornerstone of knowledge
  • Introduction to the science and technology of information and communication
  • The engineer and technology in society
  • The tools of the engineer
  • The engineer at the centre of it all

Semesters 2, 3 and 4

offer courses (spring and autumn) in five domains, allowing students to choose certain domains as majors (system design, acquisition of knowhow, further in-depth study) and others as minors (basic understanding of systems rather than analytical or technological aspects).
See also: Definitions of Major and Minor

Each semester (30 credits), students acquire credits by:

  • validating exams in one major (16 credits) and one minor (8 credits)
  • doing a project (6 credits)

 In parallel, they learn two foreign languages up to a required level. 


Domains (Majors/Minors) Projects



  • English (compulsory)
  • French (compulsory for non-French speaking students)
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian

Semester 5

is an options semester. It can be spent at Telecom Bretagne (on the campus in Brest or in Rennes) or at a partner institution in France or abroad. If students opt to stay at Telecom Bretagne, they put together their option by choosing courses from one or more of the 4 specialization streams proposed in the third year.



Semester 6

is spent doing a placement in industry or in a research centre in France or abroad. It lasts at least 6 months.


Students interested in Telecom Bretagne's MEng programme must follow a specific procedure which depends on their home institution:
  • Students from a partner university should first contact their own International Office which will provide all the relevant information about the agreement with Telecom Bretagne (dual-degree if specified, possible fee waivers etc.) and how to apply. In some universities, Telecom Bretagne organizes exams and/or interviews on an annual basis. The list of Telecom Bretagne's partner intitutions is given in our International section: Erasmus Framework and Worldwide exchanges.
  • Individual students (no agreement between their home university and Telecom Bretagne) must apply through a cluster of prestigious French Graduate Engineering Schools. Online application system is open between mid-January and mid-March. Exams and interviews are organized respectively in May and June. For more information, please visit and first download the "Notice de la procédure" (in French).

Tuition fees

Current standard tuition fees for individual students (per year) : € 2300 for Europeans and  € 4300 for non Europeans.

It has to be underlined that the real cost of education in French Graduate Engineering Schools is around €20,000 per student per year. Such low fees are made possible thanks to French government subsidies but the number of places is limited and requirements in Mathematics, Physics and French are quite severe. Please visit the "AST Grandes Ecoles" website mentioned above or contact your home International Office for more information.


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