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EIT Digital Master's Programme

Major: Internet Technology and Architecture (ITA)

Specialization: Internet of Things (IoT)

EIT Digital is an initiative intended to turn Europe into the global leader in ICT innovation. It aims to fulfill this mission by establishing a new type of partnership between leading companies, research centres, and universities in Europe.

EIT Digital Master School will equip students, researchers and teachers with skills for creativity, risk taking and entrepreneurial capacity by catalysing and renewing the key ICT educational programmes at Master‘s level. It proposes a Master in ICT Innovation that includes an Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor (courses, business development laboratory, pan-european summer school,...) mainly during M1 and a technical major in M1 and M2. Several specializations are proposed for each technical major.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the development of Machine-to-Machine communications the number of interconnected devices is expected to explode and to reach many billions by the end of the decade. Such evolution of the Internet opens the way to imagining a large panel of new services, especially in the transport domain, but also raises several technical hurdles that have to be addressed: energy issues both in the terminal side and in the infrastructure; scalability issues for traffic management, QoS management, routing, addressing; heterogeneity of technologies; radio spectrum management (as many of such devices will be wirelessly connected to the network). Furthermore, new business models should be envisioned to foster the development of innovative services. Telecom Bretagne then proposes the IoT specialization in technical major Internet Technology and Architecture to provide both technical and practical knowledge to students to make them able to address these challenges.


EIT Digital Master's curriculum
For ITA / Internet of Things track, entry point is either KTH, TU Berlin or UNITN (Italy) and exit point is Institut Mines Telecom / Telecom Bretagne in Rennes.



Institut Mines-Telecom / Telecom Bretagne campus in Rennes

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