Study in France in the wonferful province of Brittany


Brittany is one of the most visited areas in France due to its breathtaking landscapes and seascapes as well as its numerous historical treasures. French is the language which everybody uses in Brittany. However, the Breton language together with the music (Celtic origin) and the local cuisine are part of the heritage of Brittany.

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Located at the tip of Brittany, the westernmost part of France, Brest is a lively student town. There are 24,000 students out of a total of 160,000 inhabitants, one of the highest ratios in France. Brest has a university and 9 graduate schools as well as research centers and a Technology Park (Brest-Iroise) whose main activities are related to information and communication technology (ICT), biotechnology, life science and marine science (Ifremer, French Marine Science Institute).

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Rennes is the administrative capital of the province of Brittany. Its population of 200,000 includes 60,000 students who are registered in the two universities as well as in several "Grandes Ecoles". Many large companies are located on Rennes' Science Park "Rennes-Atalante". Rennes is just two hours from Paris by high-speed train (TGV).

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