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Space Communications Systems


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Programme objectives

The building hosting the SCS programme on ISAE campusA truly unique programme located in Toulouse, heart of the European Aerospace Industry. 

Thanks to its 30+ years of existence, this programme - recognized worldwide - trains experts in space communications. Our approach favours a system oriented analysis where constraints from the environment and  state-of-the-art technologies are taken into account so to design the best communication solution.

In addition to this page that provides all the administrative details, check on our Space Communication Systems web site all details about the teaching progamme and the related facilities. 

Programme organization

  • Courses are taught in English,
  • About 400 hours of classroom teaching, projects and seminars from September to March organized on two neighbouring campuses: ENSEEIHT and ISAE,
  • A placement (from April to September): In a company or research centre, in France or abroad.

A strong academic and industrial partnership

This Post-Master Certificate is co-organized by Telecom Bretagne  ISAE, ENSEEIHT and Telecom SudParis and is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles.

Major actors from the space community (manufacturers, SMEs, agencies and R&D centers) recognize the value of the programme which is established since more than 30 years. This unique partnership makes it possible to gather the very best experts in their respective scientific fields. Several of our lecturers also come from Industry.

Career opportunities

After graduation, our students hold engineering positions for the design and development of aerospace communications systems.

Our training programme is widely recognized by:

  • Telecommunication manufacturers in France and abroad: Thalès Alenia Space, EADS, Thales, Safran, ST Micro…,
  • Telecommunication operators: EUTELSAT, SES-ASTRA, Telespazio, Hispasat…,
  • Research centres and space agencies: CNES, DSNA, DLR, ESA…,
  • SME and consulting agencies: M3Systems, Altran, France Développement Conseil, Athos Origin, ….

Ricardo Llovera Balza testifies

Ricardo Llovera Balza
(My testimony of the Post-Master Certificate SCS 2009/2010)

« This Master is a quite fair overview of the telecommunications systems involving satellites.
I really recommend this formation for the graduated engineers willing to be part of this industry. I was delighted on how close the relationship with the industrials was – not only at the Master's level itself but in all other Specialized Masters of the school. This assumption is made considering the several conferences from industrials we had; a nicely organized dinner with the staff of a satellite manufacturer; the council for improvements (in which I had the honor to participate) and the different internship openings.
My personal advice for future students is to concentrate a big effort and to nourish your spirit with big ambitions. I encourage future candidates to organize theirselves; to be strict with their time; to really appreciate the lectures and please, do not hesitate to always look for help or ask that question which will always be interesting and didactical.

In conclusion, the master is pretty international and rich in knowledge thanks to prestigious professors. I always express my gratitude to our three main tutors of this Master ».

Johan Celhay testifies

Johan Celhay
(year 2008)

Thalès Services, currently working at Thalès Alenia Space

« Through this Post-Master certificate, I had the chance to get new skills in this "hot" domain covering both spacecom cutting-edge topics (satellite payload, orbits, applications, current market trends) and also topics which are relevant to digital communications at large: payloads, antennas, link budgets, networking, navigation.
I am delighted to have attended the SCS Post-Master certificate, both from the quality standpoint and the recognition you earn from the Industry after completing the programme. ».

Ravit Sachasiri testifies

Ravit Sachasiri is currently working at the Control Ground Segment for THEOS (Thailand Earth Observation System) located in Sriracha, Thailand. He graduated in 2008-2009 from the Mastère Spécialisé in Space Communication Systems degree.
Here is what Ravit says about the MS SCS:
My experience while undergoing the Specialized Masters in Space Communication is countless. The world-class lecturers, the industrial visits to some of the largest companies in the aeronautics and space domain, the lectures in both theoretical and application aspect of our future careers has led me to comprehend the immense knowledge I acquired over this period of 12 months. Currently working as the system administrator at the Control Ground Station of Thailand's only Earth Observation Satellite, I realized that my knowledge lends itself to everything that is dealt by the Control Ground Station ranging from Flight Dynamic Calculations and Orbit Determination to Ground-to-Satellite Communication to Satellite Control TC&TM. Being a System Administrator, I must understand the needs of each sub-system and be able to cater to it and I am doing practically that and more.




Core satcom techniques (145 h)

Space systems building blocks (175 h)

  • Signal processing and source coding
  • Digital communications
  • Spread spectrum techniques
  • Coding applied to the satellite channel
  • Network & Telecommunication protocols
  • Microwave and antennas
  • Tools for network simulation
  • Tools for digital communication simulation
  • Orbits and satellite platforms
  • Propagation & RF links
  • Space telecommunication systems
  • Satellite based navigation and localization systems
  • Telecommunication & navigation payloads
  • Digital filters
  • Telecommunication & navigation digital receivers
  • Earth stations & terminals

Space applications (180 h)

  • Project management in the space industry
  • Satellite based computer networks
  • Embedded systems
  • Multimedia & mobile communications
  • Financial & legal aspects
  • Overview of applications via satellites

Internship (6 months)

A placement in a Company, Agency or R&D center, in France or abroad





A 5 year higher education degree:

  • engineering degree,
  • master or higher degree.

Selection is based on written application and possibly interview.




Applying (academic year 2014-2015)

Application for the MS SCS is performed on-line from the ISAE web site (note : applications for 2014 will be open mid-November 2013).

There are several jury sessions starting from February 2014, the admission calendar will be published mid-November 2013.

Contact information

Prof. Laurent Franck
Phone: +33 (0)5 61 33 83 67
Fax: +33 (0)5 61 33 83 75
E-mail : laurent (add dot) franck (add at) telecom-bretagne (add dot) eu


Scholarship fees

€6,500 for students still in the course of their studies, recent graduates (< 2 years) without work experience and unemployed.

€12,500 otherwise (company sponsored training, etc).

An additional - non refundable - fee of €65 is requested for covering administrative processing.


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  • Fondation Télécom
  • Institut Mines-Telecom
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