Advanced Master in Renewable Marine Energies (RME)


Master EMR Spécialized advanced Master - expertise in Renewable Marine Energies from Telecom Bretagne on Vimeo.

This Advanced Master in RME trains project or program managers dedicated to the development of energy production systems and farms at sea.

The need to diversify our energy supplies seems clear, in particular to develop renewable energy sources. Together with solar, inland wind, biomass and other sources, renewable marine energy sources have real potential, especially in Brittany. With the presence of the Brittany Maritime Competitiveness Cluster (Pôle Mer Bretagne) and more than half the French potential in marine research, Brest has all the fundamental assets necessary for the development of this French industrial sector exploiting all energy sources generated by the marine environment.

The course covers 2 semesters

1st semester: 501 hours of applied training, starting in septembre
2nd semester: final thesis in an industrial or academic environment.

4 main questions :

What energies can be harnessed ?
What systems for harnessing energy ?
What are the interactions with the marine and coastal environment ?
In what social, economic and legal context ?

In partnership with Ensta Bretagne, École Navale, l'IUEM/UBO, ENIB, ISEN, Ifremer, Cetmef, SHOM, Météo France and DCNS.

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