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Preparing a Master of Engineering degree ('Diplôme d'Ingénieur') in 2 years at Telecom Bretagne is open to graduate students via the 'n+i' programme. Admission modes for international students is shown in the  Education System section.


Students from China, Colombia, India, Mexico and Kazakhstan at Telecom Bretagne

Before joining Telecom Bretagne, students spend 4 days in Paris ('Package for Cultural Integration') and may attend a 7-week intensive French course ('Package for Language Integration') at the International Language Centre of Brest. This French course is compulsory for those students having a level in French lower than B2 (Please refer to our FAQ section for information about language requirements).

The 1st semester at Telecom Bretagne is a Bridging Semester that help international students integrate into the French higher education system. The full 2-year programme is as follows:


Note that the "Year in industry" programme is on offer and makes it possible for students to have a valuable professional experience between between the 2 years at Telecom Bretagne. This programme is a long-term paid internship.

Fees and medical cover

Some fees are regulated by 'n+i' network:

  • n+i registration: €1,000
  • Package for Cultural Integration: €700
  • Package for Language Integration (if French < B2): €2,000
  • Package for Methodological Integration (local)*: €2,100

* Not applicable at Telecom Bretagne (Bridging Semester included)

Total n+i: €3,700 (French level < B2) or €1,700 (French level >= B2)

Telecom Bretagne's fees are €1,500 per year. A basic medical insurance is included but an additional healthcare cover is strongly recommended (approx. €200 per year). All insurance policies are obtained in France on arrival.

Total Telecom Bretagne fees and recommended healthcarel cover: €3,400

Living costs

A single room on our campus and all meals come to about €500 per month. More information in the Campus Life section.

Possible sources of funding

Some costs may be funded by a grant from different international programmes or institutions. More details are given on the Financing your education section of the 'n+i' website.

Note that the last semester consists of a paid internship.


Please send an email to Dr. Anne Pierre-Duplessix (International Office)


Application must be made online through n+i website.


Since 2001, more than 80 international students joined Telecom Bretagne through the n+i programme.

See: Testimonials (video) and Testimonial main section

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