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MSc / FAQ - Visa and residence permit


  1. Do I need a visa?
  2. What happens if the visa issuing is delayed and I cannot arrive on time?
  3. Do I need a residence permit?
  4. Is it possible to get a work permit after graduation?

V1. Do I need a visa?

Nationals from outside the European Union (EU) must hold a student visa. Documents such as the letter of admission and a certificate of accommodation are required by French Embassies. Although it generally takes a few days or weeks, visa issuing delays can be of 2 or 3 months in some countries.

V2. What happens if the visa issuing is delayed and I cannot arrive on time?

When the visa issuing delay is very long, Telecom Bretagne generally accept students until late September. However, in such a case, things become complicated because students need a new letter of admission mentioning that they are authorized to study at Telecom Bretagne if arrival is effective before a given date. This generates hassle and time lost due to numerous emails and phone calls between Telecom Bretagne, the students and the French Embassies.

This kind of problem can be easily avoided simply by applying for the MSc programme early enough. Although possible, late arrival is very detrimental because students cannot improve their French during the summer course in August. For those arriving even later, they cannot attend the networking course that is always scheduled in September. Of course, students generally complain about the French authorities but the immigration services in other countries act the same. Actually, long-stay visa procedures take time everywhere.

V3. Do I need a residence permit?

Since 2009, students generally can get a long-stay visa for one year. Since the duration of the MSc programme is 2 years, applying for a residence permit is compulsory. These formalities are initiated, once students arrive in France, and Telecom Bretagne's International Office provides all the requested information.

V4. Is it possible to get a work permit after graduation?

EU alumni can work in France without any visa.
Non-EU alumni holding a master's degree have the right to get a 6-month residence permit  (but still under student status) and can work part-time. This procedure is named "Autorisation provisoire de séjour (APS)" (temporary residence permit).
Later they can apply for a new residence permit if they can provide proof of employment contract for a job related to their master's qualification. This latter procedure is named "changement de statut" (status change) in order to get a worker residence permit instead of a student residence permit.
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