Semester in industry Programme ("Stage long")

Students can spend a whole semester as an engineer with a company between the second and third year, gaining precious experience of the workplace. 


Those students who wish to do so, can spend a paid "Sandwich  semester"  (or "Gap semester") working in industry. This semesteri located between the 2nd and 3rd years of the Master of Engineering / "Diplôme d’Ingénieur" course. About 50% of all students chose this solution, including many international students.


The Semester in Industry Programme enables students to come into contact with the "real" world of industry, and to appreciate all its facets. The first two years of the "Diplôme d’Ingénieur" course provide the students with the necessary academic knowledge, which they then apply during their period working in industry and integrating real, industrial/research-oriented teams.

On returning to Telecom Bretagne for their 3rd/final year, the students are more motivated, more critical, more mature, and are also more able to assimilate the specialized, final-year classes and apply what they learn in them to the real-life situation in industry. The "Sandwich  Semester" or "Semester in Industry" is also highly useful on the students’ CVs.

Examples of "Year in Industry" projects

Topics & host companies:

  • Consultant for in-house networks - SOLUCOM
  • IPv6 in the mobile environment - SFR
  • Creating tools and systems as driving aids - PSA Peugeot-Citroën
  • Assistant to Scientific Attaché - French Embassy, Japan
  • New fibre optics in the local loop - Acome
  • Technical and commercial development in satellite systems - SAFA, Dubai
  • System and network administration of a small to medium-size financial institution Barret Asset Management - Dublin, Eire

Programme organisation

The "Semester in Industry" programme is managed by the "Relations with Industry" Department at Telecom Bretagne. Selection is performed by the host companies, based on the students’ CVs and interviews. Many companies consider this process to be the same as for recruiting an engineer on a full-time basis.

The "Semester in Industry" may be validated academically as the equivalent of a "Final Year Project". In this case, a faculty member will supervise the student during the student’s period in industry. At the end of this internship, a final written report is prepared and presented orally to an Examining Board, made up of academic staff from Telecom Bretagne and supervisors from the host company.

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