Master of Engineering - Projects & Workshops


Telecom Bretagne is the leading French Graduate Engineering School in active pedagogy

Active pedagogy is based on the principle that students be in charge of their own training and develop their own competencies. In other words, they participate directly in their own learning by questioning their environment and by seeking, sharing and validating information. This approach, which develops the capacity to learn, is centred on the learner; the instructor becomes a tutor, whose role is not to transmit knowledge about the subject or the project, nor to supervise the group's work, but instead to facilitate learning and orient the group towards assigned objectives.

1 project per semester 

Each project is the opportunity for transversal learning in the 5 main teaching domains.

Communication skills

The projects also provide the opportunity to acquire specific competences in communication skills: public presentations, report writing, conducting meetings, organizing a team, organizing a forum, interview simulations, argumentation, brainstorming, etc. The courses relating to these competencies are based on life-like situations and can be the object of individual coaching at the request of the student.

Students - Laboratory 


Workshops are laboratory activites with a total duration of 84 hours, mainly focusing on measurement and testing and complementing the project work. Since they are not linked chronologically to theoretical courses they benefit from inductive pedagogy. Each student chooses 7 themes from those proposed. Workshops may be done during semesters 2, 3 or 4 and are equivalent to a minor (84 hours, 8 credits).

List of workshops:

  • ATE 201 - Measurement of components in a virtual environment
  • ATE 202 - Website creation and administration
  • ATE 203 - Spectrum analysis
  • ATE 204 - Network analysis and reflectometry
  • ATE 205 - Digital communication chain
  • ATE 206 - Digital mesurements
  • ATE 207 - Digital electronics
  • ATE 208 - Discover the micro-computer
  • ATE 209 - Introduction to C language

More information on workshops

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