Option 4 - Information Processing Systems

"Filière 4: Système de Traitement de l'Information (STI)"

The aim of this final-year option ("Filière 4") is to provide all the elements necessary to extract knowledge from the description of systems and their environment.
It goes deeper into the methods of understanding data associated with signals of natural or technological origin.
Engineering in the main domains of application (communications, environment, health-care) is the focal point of this course.
Firstly this option proposes a 'systems' level and a 'data engineering' level in the field of 'Mathmatics and signal processing'.

The field of Mathematics and signal processing deals with the theories and tools for representing and visualising signals and the processing associated with access to the data; at 'systems' level the union of the material and algorithmic elements is illustrated through a global approach. As for the 'data engineering' level the emphasis is more on problem solving specific to the afore-mentioned domains of application.
Secondly and for the final two levels of the option highly-specialised choices of the methodology or the applications specific to the option are proposed.  


Level 5

Image & Sound

Heterogeneous Data Processing

Medical care and technological effects

Level 4

Advanced Techniques in Communications

Information Description and Structuration

Biomedical Information

Level 3

Wireless Communications

Environmental Sensors

Biomedical Sensors

Level 2

Transmission System Architecture

Artificial Vision

Level 1

Statistical information processing

See also: Option structure

During this semester students are required to do two projects in pairs. This work is related to the subjects followed and is supervised by one or more professors.

This option includes three "Masters Recherche" (Master by Research, "Diplôme National de Master, DNM") courses which give access to research fellowships in:

  • Signals, Telecommunications, Imaging
  • Signals and circuits
  • Data processing systems


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