Option 3 - Services and Business Engineering

"Filière 3: Ingénierie des Services et des Affaires (ISA)"

Academics in charge : L. Brisson and V. Letihiais (Brest), A. Blandin (Rennes)

Business and Services :  two terms that refer to notions of users and customers. For the ISA major, the goal is to train students with the scientific, technical and managerial skills, to enable them to offer employers a methodological, strategic, technical (in software science) and commercial contribution.

To illustrate the jobs covered by ISA, we identified five possible tracks within the courses proposed by this major.

Available courses :

ISA Brest

 ISA Rennes

Further studies :

The three courses in the sector on the ISA website of Brest can be supplemented with a diploma from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Grenoble (Grenoble additional tuition) and can be continued with a PhD program, following the track Management and Information Society.

Students wishing to specialize in the field of actuarial science are invited to follow instead of the Professional Master of Actuarial Euria (extended schooling to Euria).

The track "International Business" of the sector on the ISA Rennes is associated with two masters which you can apply for in order to obtain a double degree: the Master ISUR 2 (Engineering Services in Urban Networks in countries Development) and Master 2 "European policies."

The Course "Management and Information Society (Brest)

As part of their professional activity, students will be directly facing the implementation of information systems within companies. In this context, they must be able to understand, anticipate and measure the impact of the introduction of such systems within the organization but also for the company against its environment. 

Specifically, the implementation of information systems and business changes the modes of operation within the company, changes the modes of cooperation and negotiation between different actors, changes the strategies of the company against its environment, raises new legal questions.

This course aims to provide students with the skills to be able to analyze the effects of the establishment of an information system, to participate in the implementation and measure the actual effects of using such systems, especially in a growingly open environment.

This route opens up a wide range of careers in the following areas: project owner within the directorates of information systems, organizational consultant and information systems, marketing and information systems consultant, project manager, bidder engineer, head of SI, professor in information science and social sciences.

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The Course "Information Systems" (Brest)

Within an information systems management service or as part of a consulting firm to support a CIO you are the link between business needs and technical teams which may be external to the company. As such, you are able to propose and evaluate technical solutions with respect to a specification. Rigor is your guarantee of producing documents of quality and effective project management.

Initially responsible for application, you can progress to project management senior positions (project manager) or you can specialize as an expert in functional areas or sharp technologies (architect , planner).

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The Course "Information Systems Decision, Business Intelligence" (Brest)

Although better known bythe English term "Business intelligence", the 'decision' means the engineering implementation of information systems decision, which aims to provide information or analysis to executives in consolidated decision situations in the company. Closely related to a business need (launch of a new product, for example), decision engineering involves the establishment of a chain of adequate treatment within the IS, including the management of data warehouses (data warehouses) and methods of analysis and knowledge extraction from data (data mining). The course aims to train future engineers in business intelligence, conscious of the variety of the models, existing algorithms and methods, and with the necessary perspective to make wise use of them.

This course is a synthesis between the computational aspects of intelligence information system (architecture, methodology, data warehouses), the underlying mathematical models (via the multi-criteria decision, data analysis or algorithmic) and it emphasizes the need for consistency between the IS, organizations and users.

SAS is a partner of our training, which gives our students the opportunity to validate their SAS certification.

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The Courses "Business and Finance" and "International Business" (Rennes)

The courses are designed to provide students with managerial skills based on solid technical training. These skills include internationalization and competition, particularly in the field of communications, media convergence linked with changes in the cultural industry, innovation logic. The engineer should also be able to anticipate society criteria, increasingly a part of business strategy: ethical values, sustainable development, general interest ...

Students may follow the option as it stands or choose to follow a stream with UVs from the Software systems and Networks option (banking and networks, business and multimedia networks ...).

Prospective careers: business engineering, sales engineering, marketing consultancy, financial management.

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Course structure and content :



Management and Information Society

Information Systems

Information Systems Decision


 Information Systems and Organization Management

Decision Aid


 Management and Information Systems

Data Mining


 Economic and Legal Issues inICT

 Information Systems Design and Evolution


 Socio-economic Evaluation and Audit of Information Systems

Decision Support Systems


 Integrated Approach to Service Engineering



Business and Finance

International Business


Strategic marketing of new media

Business ethics


Banking services management

Dynamics of international markets


Banking and financial engineering  

Financial regulations


 Business Process Management


 Integrated Approach to Service Engineering

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