Option 1 - Engineering and System Integration

"Filière 1: Ingénierie et Intégration de Systèmes (IIS)"

Basic knowledge in different engineering techniques are taught in Major and Minor. The "Engineering and Systems Integration" final-year option ("Filière 1") proposes techniques and advanced technologies as well as tools and methods for design  and creation of systems which best answer the needs of a client. It gives a better understanding of the importance  associated with each post in a company, the pathway to positions of responsibility and provides a sound technical basis.

This technical option also includes a human, innovative and economic dimension through modules shared with other options. The Level 1 course describes, using examples, the main methods of systems engineering used in companies.  Level 2, which is shared with the 'Data processing systems' option, illustrates the "physics/theory and signal processing" imbrication.

Next come levels 3 and 4 which are more targeted technical competences.

Level 5 deals with the field of pertinent applications.

Level 5 Embedded systems
Engineering of integrated RF systems
Operator networks form the access to the core
Level 4 Design of digital systems
Radio systems in their environment
(in English)
Level 3 Mixed integrated circuits
Radio and Optronic Design
Optics and photonics
Level 2 Transmission system architecture
Artificial vision
Level 1 Complex system engineering

 See also: Option structure
During this semester students are required to do a project (UVF1BP01) in pairs. This work is related to the subjects followed and is supervised by one or more professors.  

This option includes 3 DNM (Diplôme National de Master) strands giving access to research fellowships.
  • Microtechnology, architecture, networks and communication systems
  • Microwaves material and structure for communication systems
  • Physics, Phototonic and Optic communications.
  • Institut Carnot Télécom & Société numérique
  • Télécom Bretagne Alumni
  • Université Bretagne Loire
  • Fondation Télécom
  • Institut Mines-Telecom
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