"Réseaux" (RES)

A network is defined as the sum of resources available to equipment to enable it to exchange information and, in a wider context, to co-operate. The near future will see the convergence of all the various networks into a common single network, guaranteeing multimedia services and lots of everyday equipment (vehicles, audio and video material, household appliances) will be linked to a network.

In order to operate a network it is necessary to:

  • define protocols, a rulebook for exchanges of data between equipment in the best conditions
  • define an architecture and classify protocols in different levels of detail in order to overcome complexity and establish layers of architecture.
  • scaling the network resources to provide quality service (resistant to failure, answering demand…) at reasonable cost.
  • guaranteeing protection from attack.

Students learn the principles of network interconnection and IP protocol, telephony, mobile networks and signalling. They learn to use the mathematical tools available for calculations of reliability and scaling and they are familiar with engineering protocols. Some also study the problems linked to security systems.

Credits are related to Units ("Unité de Valeur, UV") which are made up of one or more modules

Semesters 2, 3 and 4: Major ("Majeure") or Minor ("Mineure")

Major (UV1+UV2) Minor (UV1)

Unit 1: UV1 MAJ RES - Credits: 8

Architecture and protocols for networks

  • Local area networks RES301
  • IP network fundamentals RES302 
  • Network signalling RES303
  • Telephony new architectures RES304

Unit 1: UV1 MIN RES - Credits: 8

Network fundamentals

  • IP networks RES201  
  • Advanced telephony RES202 
  • Mobile and wireless networks RES203 
  • Quality of service and network engineering RES204

Unit 2: UV2 MAJ RES - Credits: 8

Network engineering

  • High speed networks: towards new architectures RES411 
  • Network queuing systems RES421
  • Protocols and services engineering RES431
  • Network security fundamentals RES441
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