Mathematics and Signal Processing 

"Mathématiques et Traitement du Signal" (MTS)

The domain of Mathematics and Signal Processing comprises two main elements:

  • data is represented as a signal (image, sound, video…) for transmission and storage;
  • extraction of signals from technological or natural sources representing relevant information for the observer ( seismography, astronomy, remote sensing, medical imaging…).

Data encoding produces signals which are as precise as possible in order to reduce transmission data rate and data storage volume while every effort should be made to guarantee quality of transmission and storage.
Statistics are fundamental to the data extraction process of natural or technological signals. Indeed the expected signal is often degraded by external factors (noise, distortion…) which must be modelled as random phenomena. 

Credits are related to Units ("Unité de Valeur, UV") which are made up of one or more modules.


Semesters 2, 3 and 4: Major ("Majeure") or Minor ("Mineure")

Major (UV1+UV2) Minor (UV1)

Unit 1: UV1 MAJ MTS - Credits: 8

  • Digital signal processing fundamentals MTS301
  • Random processes MTS302
  • Statistical signal processing MTS303
  • Speech and images MTS304

Unit 1: UV1 MIN MTS - Credits: 8

  • Digital signals MTS201
  • Random processes MTS202 
  • Digital and mobile communications MTS203 
  • Speech, image and
    multimedia MTS204

Unit 2: UV2 MAJ MTS - Credits: 8

  • Digital communications MTS411
  • Multimedia MTS443
  • Data analysis MTS435
  • Information coding MTS423
    Signal processing and digital communications in practice MTS433
  • Stochastic simulation and modelling MTS445


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