Economics and Social Sciences

"Economie et Sciences Humaines" (ESH)

This domain covers a wide range of skills which will be required by the future manager during his/her career.

The course includes lectures, simulation exercises and direct application of the principles of economics and management to project work.

After an introduction to the functioning of companies within the information technologies sector, students are able to approach the notions of corporate management, accountancy, law and general management.

The course is essentially practical and directly applies to the work of an engineer, more particularly in the field of information technologies. The introduction to law focuses on intellectual property law; corporate management deals more especially with the case of digitization industrial activities. The introduction to management module refers specifically to intercultural management while the beginner’s course in business strategy and management is placed in the context of an innovative company.

Apart from economics and management, students study the problems and economic stakes involved in company creation and are introduced to analysis and management tools (business plan, legal framework …). The course also includes an introduction to financial systems (market finance, company finance).

Credits are related to Units ("Unité de Valeur, UV") which are made up of one or more modules

Semesters 2, 3 and 4: Major ("Majeure") or Minor ("Mineure")
Major (UV1+UV2) Minor (UV1)

Unit 1: UV1 MAJ ESH - Credits: 8

  • Economic conjecture and policy ESH301  
  • Law and regulation within Europe ESH302  
  • Industrial economics and business strategy ESH303 
  • Financial management and investment choice  ESH304 

Unit 1 UV1 MIN ESH - Credits: 8

  • How companies function ESH201 
  • Professional use of ICT ESH202 
  • Management and interculturality ESH203 
  • Marketing concepts and strategies ESH204 

Unit 2: UV1 MAJ ESH - Credits: 8

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