Bridging semester (in French)

"Semestre d'Adaptation et d'Harmonisation (SAH)"

Students holding a Bachelor degree can obtain a Master of Engineering degree in 2 years instead of 3 (see Education System). The admission procedure depends on the students' home universities and the corresponding international agreements if relevant.

In order to help students adapt to their new environment, Telecom Bretagne runs a specific Bridging Semester in French ("Semestre d'Adaptation et d'Harmonisation") that replaces Semester 3 (see Master of Engineering). It is designed to train students in both French language and 2 Domains before they attend the main Master course. Such an experience is also valuable for intercultural aspects.

The Bridging Semester is on offer at no extra cost for those students who do not master French language enough and/or for those who need some additional courses in Mathematics and Computer Science. Being enrolled in the Bridging Semester or standard Semester 3 is Telecom Bretagne's decision.

At the end of this Bridging Semester, students are sufficiently trained to attend all classes with French students (semesters 4 to 6 as shown below).

Bridging semester

 Bridging Semester - List of modules 

Note: Depending on each student background, Networks, Telecoms and Electronics or Social Sciences are studied during the following semester.

Like in the 3-year curriculum, a paid "Year in industry" programme is on offer and makes it possible for students to have a valuable professional experience between semesters 4 and 5.

Academic in charge

Dr. Christophe Sintes

  • Institut Carnot Télécom & Société numérique
  • Télécom Bretagne Alumni
  • Université Bretagne Loire
  • Fondation Télécom
  • Institut Mines-Telecom
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