Optics Department

Starting from a population of scientists with recognised skills in free-space optics and liquid crystal device applications and with the addition of research teams coming from the France Telecom Research Centre, the Optics Department has become the leading public research team in telecom optics in France. Thanks to its privileged links with the telecom industry, as well as its long established academic partnerships in Europe, the department is now in a position to contribute to the enormous efforts being made to reply to the increasing need for new optical functions and systems for high capacity optical networks.

Our technical facilities and accumulated experience in telecom optics, combined with our close interaction with major telecom equipment manufacturers has allowed us to transfer ideas from the bench prototype as close as possible to pre-industrialisation. Our ability to master one of the world recognised alternative technologies for high capacity switching and routing systems puts us in a position to reply to current needs in the field. Our main objective for the immediate future will be to continue to strengthen the link between the academic world and industry.

Another challenge the department will have to face, in the next few years, is training engineers to reply to the demand for optical network specialists. For this purpose, we have redesigned our "specialisation year", merging skills in both optics and optical networks. This double challenge of advanced research and teaching is a further motivation for all the staff to be significant actors in the forthcoming communication world.

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Département d'Optique
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