Image and Information Processing Department

The Image and Information Processing Department is made up of dozen research lecturers and about twenty PhD students and post-doctorate staff. Since its creation its activities have increased substantially both in the field of teaching and of research.

The department is very committed to teaching and participates at all levels: core studies, "formation promotionnelle" for French students, continuing education and Mastère courses. It participates in courses at a local level (as at the Naval Academy), at a regional level (for exemple at ENSAI in Rennes) and at a national level (INALCO in Paris). The school also partners Rennes 1 University for the jointly awarded DEA STIR (PhD foundation year).

In research, the IIP department remains a leader in terms of scientific production and the number of PhD students. The reputation of its research-lecturers means that it contributes greatly to the prestige of the School (joint laboratories, Scientific Interest Groupes, participation in national research proceedings: INSERM, RNTS, RISC). The scientific activities of the department are centred on shared methodological and scientific bases, and cover three fields of development:

Image and Information processing for Health, corresponding to the activities of LATIM (INSERM Research Laboratory), which develops integrated and pluridisciplinary research, associating doctors and scientists.

Information Technologies for the Environment and Defence, which groups activities linked principally with the use of satellite or airborn sensors and radars.

Communication and Cognition, which is concerned with modelling language and its cognitive links with images.

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  • Head of Department: Basel Solaiman
    tel.: 02 29 00 13 08 / +33 2 29 00 13 08 (from abroad)
  • Department secretary: Corinne Le Lann
    tel.: 02 29 00 13 79 / +33 2 29 00 13 79
    Fax:  02 29 00 10 98 / +33 2 29 00 10 98

Département Image et Traitement de l'Information
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