Awards and Honours in 2007

December 2007

Claude Berrou of Télécom Bretagne (formerly ENST Bretagne) joins the Science Academy

The French Science Academy has elected Claude Berrou, a Professor in the GET/ENST Bretagne Electronics Department, to join its ranks. Working with Alain Glavieux, Claude Berrou was the joint discoverer of turbocodes, a revolutionary coding method leading to spectacular leaps forward in digital communications development. The pair was awarded the Science Academy Grand Prix in 2003. In 2005, Claude Berrou was awarded the prestigious Marconi Prize in the US. 


June 2007

An ENST Bretagne graduate wins the IREST Special Prize

The Special Prize awarded by the Institute of Economic and Social Research on Telecommunications (IREST) has been won by Mathieu Guennec for his thesis entitled "The legal framework for Internet access services within the context of the general agreement on the sale of services on the basis of a comparative analysis between American and European laws / Le régime juridique des services d'accès à Internet dans le cadre de l'accord général sur le commerce des services sur la base d'une analyse comparée entre les droits américain et européen". 


(More information on the Scientific Prizes and Awards section of the Institut Telecom website)




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