23 October 2015

Telecom Bretagne’s Junior Enterprise geolocates sailboats

Established in colleges and universities, Junior Enterprise * allows students to undertake studies for business clients in the specific fields of competence of their schools. CNJE (French National Confederation of Junior Enterprises) published an article... › Read more
15 October 2015

Michel Ney, a professor at Télécom Bretagne receives the “IEEE Life Fellow grade”

Michel Ney, professor in the department of Microwave at Telecom Bretagne is named "Life Fellow" by the IEEE learned society. This distinction is given by the society to honor the "Fellow" members who have contributed... › Read more
9 October 2015

Telecom Bretagne wins a place in the top 10 engineering schools on Twitter

With 5,680 followers (5,695 to date) and an increase of nearly 10% over the last 6 months, Telecom Bretagne wins 8th place in the ranking of engineering schools on Twitter published by Canévet & Associates... › Read more
9 October 2015

Meet representatives from Telecom Bretagne in China, Vietnam, Peru and Colombia!

Do you want information about an engineering program, an academic exchange, a Master of Science, a specialized master or a PhD at Telecom Bretagne? We are coming to meet you in Vietnam, China, Peru and... › Read more
10 September 2015

Focus on… the photography club

Bruno Quercia and Benoît Porteboeuf relaunched the photo club this year.... Within months, the club became one of the most popular on-campus. With the motto "everyone can do it", the club has attracted many students... › Read more
8 September 2015

Start of the school year 2015: 379 new students join Telecom Bretagne

Thursday, August 27, 46 new apprentice engineering students (FIP) arrived on the Brest campus. Sunday, August 30, the School hosted more than 120 people at the traditional “Welcome to families” afternoon organized by the department... › Read more
7 September 2015

Simon Adrian, a PhD student in the Microwaves department winner of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium

Simon Adrian, a PhD student at Telecom Bretagne was awarded 3rd prize (1300 dollars) in the "Student Best Paper Award" category at the International Symposium of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society. The young scientist... › Read more
19 August 2015

Telecom Bretagne international students visit the Hermione and discover Brest for the first time

Visits to the frigate, l’ Hermione, a summer evening at the Port, a trip to St. Renan open Market: international students discover Brest and its region August 10th-11th: International students from Telecom Bretagne arrived on the... › Read more
20 July 2015

The Mediate project on computer-assisted surgery receives the ITEA * Award for Excellence in the “economic impact” category.

The Mediate project aims to develop interventional environments for the next generation of minimally invasive procedures guided by the patient's specific image. These new-style operating theaters are characterized by their interactivity, interoperability and multi-modality. In... › Read more
13 June 2015

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Rennes becomes a Scientific Interest Group

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Rennes becomes a Scientific Interest Group (GIS) on June 25th 2015, and formalizes four new partnerships.The Centre is a pool of scientific skills on European integration issues, which... › Read more