Library and resource centre

Created when the school opened in 1977, the Telecom Bretagne library has a multidisciplinary documentary base to meet the teaching and research needs within the School.

The library on the Brest campus has...

-A scientific collection: 20,000 books, 100 journals, theses, internship reports ...
-Access to many electronic resources: databases, online journals, e-books,...
- Cultural collection: novels, documentaries, cartoons, children's books, magazines.
- Help with locating the book or document you want
- A place for work and for leisure

The library staff welcomes you to the campus of Brest (D2-212) :

Monday through Thursday from 9h to 19h
Friday from 9h to 17h
School holidays:
Monday to Friday from 13h to 17h

And to the campus of Rennes :

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 13h30 to 17h

How do you register at the library?

Registration for the library is automatic for students and permanent staff. To borrow books, they simply need to use their badge.

Other readers must complete a registration form, available at the library.

What are the loan terms?

In the scientific library

- Students: 6 documents for 3 weeks
- Staff and PhD students: 10 documents for six weeks
- Trainees: 4 documents for 3 weeks

In the cultural library

6 documents for 3 weeks

You can extend the loan time on a document or easily reserve books at the library reception desk, or by logging in to your online reader in the Arc'entel catalog account (the bar code number on the back of the badge is used for identification and password).

An email reminder is sent to readers in case of late returns.

How do you find a document?

- Books

The Arc'entel catalog lists all the books available in the different libraries of the Institut Telecom:




Catalog A-to-Z list includes all the electronic full text journals to which the library subscribes, and the list of journals present on campus in Brest and Rennes:

All journals may be borrowed for one week. The news magazines are located at the entrance, and scientific journals in the "red room" to the right of the reception. The archives are stored and can be requested at reception.

And what if the library does not have the document sought ?

Loans network
If the document is located in one of the other libraries in the Institut Télécom, it is possible to request it using the online form:

Inter-library loans (“prêt-inter”)
If the document is not located in the network of the Institut Télécom, it is possible to apply for an "interlibrary loan." The library will locate it and provide the user with a copy.

What electronic library resources are available?

Access to Europresse, IEEEXplore, JSTOR, Optics InfoBase (OSA), Portal (ACM), and SpringerLink databases.

Access to Mathscinet and Techniques de l’ingénieur databases.

All these resources are available via intranet:

What are the services provided by the library?

 In the library

- 4 rooms for group work

- 1 French and foreign press area

- Free access to 7 PCs and printer

- 2 PCs dedicated to the catalog

- 1 photocopier with free access

- Many areas for individual study

[NB: no scanner available in the library]


- All practical information: contacts, schedules...

- Documentary digital resources

- Application forms / inter-library loan network, suggestions for new purchases, preregistration

- RSS feeds of new acquisitions

- RSS feeds of summary journals

- A Zotero group to follow the news and suggest purchases

- Research aid guides, thematic bibliographies

If you have any questions, get in touch !

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For further information, please consult our library pages (in French):

Staff and contact

Fanny Saint-Georges is head librarian on the campus of Brest.

Isabelle Eliez is head librarian on the campus of Rennes.

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